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“Annual Output by 30000 Precision Slewing Rings”Has Been Established as the National Torch Program Project
Release time:2014-11-03   Hits:2398  

On 31st Oct 2014, the national science and technology projects list of 2014 was published on the website of the Chamber of Science and Technology of Anhui Province. “Annual Output by 30000 Precision Slewing Rings has been established as the National Torch Program Project. The project number is 2014GH040886.

The products in this project are precision slewing rings. There are eight types, which are single row ball, crossed rollers, three-row pillar, double row ball, double column ball, double rotary, Huff, Waist drum. They are mainly applied in military equipments, joint-ventured or solely-invested engineering machinery, medical CT machine, import substitution and international market. It could contend against the world first-class companies. The product structure is reasonable and its installation is reliable. The service life of some products could be as long as twenty years, which goes far beyond the national standard.

When the project is finished, the industry level of precision slewing ring will be increased overall in production scale, equipment level, product grade, technical level, economic efficiency and environment protection.