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FY Slewing Ring inspection and testing center is a comprehensive institution incorporated with inspection, test, research and analysis. It is a member of slewing ring engineering center of the province and a leader in domestic slewing ring industry.

检测试验中心 拼接

At present, this inspection and testing center runs three groups including material group, machinery group and measurement group. It has owned many kinds of advancing inspection appliances and equipment which can fully meet the inspection and analysis demands of slewing rings. Universal material testing machine and impact testing machine are used for testing the stretching, compressing, bending, cutting and anti-impact performances of the material. Full automatic Brinell hardness tester is used for testing the Brinell hardness of the raw material, Rockwell hardness tester ,micro-hardness tester, CaiSi metallographic microscope, steromicroscope, invert CaiSi metallographic microscope, etc with which a sliced section will be tested and analyzed to report the heat treatment quality of the product timely and promote the heat treatment processing to be improved effectively. Direct-reading spectrometer is used for exactly testing the chemical composition of the material, digital ultrasonic fault detector of high sensitivity for detecting the internal defects of metal materials by non-destructive testing. Portable magnetic powder flaw detector is mainly used for testing the cracks and other defects on or near the surface of the slewing ring product after heat treatment. Shore hardness tester is used for testing the hardness of rubber products like sealing strips. Stepping-in laboratory room (high and low temperature testing cabin) is matched up with a moment test bed of 3 meters for fulfilling the high and low temperature moment test of the slewing ring with an outer-diameter less than Ø3100mm. Salt spray test box can fulfill the salt spray corrosion test of the sample. Electromagnetic vibration shaker is used for vibration-proof and fatigue test of the product, construction member and materials. Portable three-dimensional measuring arm is used for testing the form and position tolerance of the slewing ring including roundness, verticality, depth of parallelism, axiality, true position, etc. Laser geometric measuring system is used for measuring the flatness of the slewing ring. Three-dimensional tester is matched up with world first class coordinate measuring software mainly used for testing the raceway shape tolerance, dimensional tolerance and accuracy and testing the relevant true position of the mounting holes and the actual contact angle of the slewing ring rolling element and raceway. Wind-power (life span) test bed can test the performance of the slewing ring of which the raceway diameter is between 500~2000mm,such as load, non-load starting torque and dynamic resistance torque tests, load starting torque and load dynamic torque tests, tooth root load carrying capacity inspection, load bearing life inspection, etc. Digital multifunction test-bed is used for automatically testing the raceway life and gear life of the slewing ring. 3m length measuring machine, universal tool-measuring microscope and grating indicating gauge calibrator etc are used for calibrating the measuring instruments in common use, and a complete set of machine tools like band saw, turning lathe, milling lathe, cylindrical grinding machine and surface grinding machine, etc for processing test samples.
The inspection and testing center can carry out necessary re-inspection of the raw material which can be used for the slewing ring before the material is taken into the factory to ensure the feeding material quality. Carry out quality inspection on the important working procedure in working process to ensure the finished product quality. Find and analyze the reasons for some quality objections put forward by the user to guarantee and promote the innovation of slewing rings. In a word, the inspection and testing center can offer the testing and analyzing data and information of the slewing rings of all specifications and provide powerful guarantee to improve the product quality and processing technology, research & develop and test new product of the company and further promote the quality management system of the company to run smoothly.